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Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, February 19th 2015
Tibos won the last competition, guessing accurately. Congratulations Matteh/Donald duck won our Facebook competition

A New competition is in the main forum and DEV testing is still ongoing, I'm sure Gustav will give some feedback soon.
"I hate to be that guy... but please don't get our hope up with "less than 24 hours to go on facebook" please.. that's just trolling people."
"Soon... In theatres near you, soon..."
"This community has such an odd notion of what "trolling" is.."
"Everyone only read this expecting it to be wf item release. Scott noone cares "
Laser Sight
 - Updated by Albel

Large Golden Nugget
 - Updated by Albel

Medium Golden Nugget
 - Updated by Albel

Small Golden Nugget
 - Updated by Albel

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