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Game News posted by Scott
Friday, July 18th 2014
To further expand on Zorgs blog below, you can now disable the filter to see "mature" language. We will not be punishing for swearing, we will however continue to punish for filter avoidance, harassment and abuse. You may have a new found sense of freedom however use it with a warning. Disabled or not you will still be punished for avoiding it or using it to abuse another person.

For example, faggot is filtered, it is a homophobic term and using it to insult someone filtered or not will result in us taking action against you.

Forums and clan forums are still being moderated and they will not be added to the filter list. To sum this up this edit now means that you can, somewhat treat side chat like the Mature Forum.

If you have any questions then you can always mail or make a ticket.
"kind of a bit like hitler"
"In other words hate speech and abusive speech is still punishable. Seems fine to me. "
"This seems to address the issue I mentioned below. I guarantee there will be a lot of people who find this confusing, the way is is laid out. Reread 3rd paragraph it sums the changes up nicely. "
"perfect "
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