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Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, May 25th 2014
To give you an update on what I've been doing, in March I completely scrapped our Guide system - it wasn't working and new players where waiting days to get anything from a guide. This system was originally set up in 2007/08 and hasn't been changed, I figured I could do better and each guide now has access to live signups and minor access to our staff channel and a better budget to better deal with newbies with a live database that is changed and updated by guides, with a newbie having an entry on it when they sign up.

After 2 months I'm proud to say its a success, we seem to be holding new players around for longer and we've sent out over 3k of meds to new players to help them level. I suggest that gangs revamp their newbie systems and stop relying on lists to be posted or newbies assigned to a personal rank 11.

Another thing upcoming is 2 forums being coded into Legacy, I can only speak about a public one for now as the other hasn't been 100% finalised but we're going to add a trading forum to legacy - the one thing we don't have, meaning you can advertise your market - Hold offers or sell in bulk to the game community.

Last thing is the new filter, we have a long list of words to go through and I will sometime next week and clear things up, my best advice is to just not avoid the filter or test it...

With a Bank Holiday for us in the UK Tomorrow I suspect if you're waiting for anything from HCS it wont be until Tuesday, tickets will be unlocked to us on Tuesday so we can't do anything until then!
"Great ideas with the guides, Legacy needs growth"
"only issue is this. it takes 2+ years to become competitive as av and ventrix/crystals make it even worse. really need way to level the field so newer players have at least somewaht level field. "
"Agree with cent, new av's won't stand a chance unless they are willing to drop some serious cash on the game. Crystal update is great for old av's but deadly for new players."
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