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Game News posted by Scott
Friday, April 4th 2014
Hello Legacy! This blog is to address the rising amount of bets happening in "fight club" type agreements. Staff are not for or against these ad we will not stop them. If you partake in these and place bets then you do so with the understanding that staff will not chase your winnings and will not put effort into make the wrongdoings right.

We will however take it as a report and punish any defaulter for scamming, defaulting on a payment after a bet is just the same as conducting trades through the bank. If you lose in a bet and find an excuse to not pay what you initially agreed on the chances of you being banned are 1/1, that's something I would bet on.
"first "
"Yet samcro has been the only one banned for lack of payment 1/5 I'd say"
"what about reload?"
"reload should be banned for having a skinny weiner and harrassing people with it"
"SO! Staff will no longer investigate or enforce loans, but half-arsed betting is something they will enforce and punish for? LOL! Seems legit. Carry on. "
"We have a system in place when it comes to loans. So I don't know what you're even talking about Kruxx"
"Kruxx wants a reason to complain so he'll feel special. I made a thread in games that made certain that issue like scamming wouldn"
"DT you trolling twit...i was right there when will told you that there was no fight so no scam when Reload didnt fight."
"Absolutely amazing! Scott clearly explained what staff will or will not do with regard to BETS between players! Loans were NEVER mentioned. Just a crazy idea - try actually reading the Blog!"
"*glasses* and that's something i'd bet on. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeah."
"Scott (is) scamming (the) staff lel"
"Can someone translate Sepultura's comment? Thanks "
"The first rule about fight club is don't talk about fight club"
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