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Game News posted by Scott
Tuesday, December 31st 2013
It is nearly new year, for those celebrating tonight stay safe and have fun. Few things you should be made aware of for the new year,

1) Werewolves signup is now LIVE, the thread is >here<. No clue what I'm talking about click >here<. If you are entering please make sure you read the post as it contains off-site communication.

2) Christmas is being put back in storage when warfare is reset, could be before - could be after. Either way it is being removed around it - Make sure you collect what you can. Once it's gone, it's gone.

3) Player Profiles will have a minor edit made to them to include a staff box for public information. This will happen at the same time we bring the new staff structure in place for loans. the First Draft has been posted in Main, I know it has issues I have listed faults in that thread - you are free to post your opinion, however the start of January the thread will be locked and the Final version published. If you have a loan due and it fits the criteria currently set - feel free to create a ticket and post all the evidence/upload it to the ticket. We're now accepting these tickets. More info >click here<


Yes, it's that time again! Warfare will be going down around 11pm on the 3rd of January (2014). It could be before but I don't think we will be having a WTF Mode this time. It will go live on the midnight tick released by either Zorg or Myself.

HQ Starting Positions:
Chapter: 8,14
Dark Flame: 12,14
Blade of Dawn: 6,14
Outcasts: 10,14

Now what would warfare be, without a twist? Zorg has again given me permission to stir things up and it seems Blade of Dawn, this is your map. You have come first out of 4 on this map - for too long.

Objective Positions:
- Radar Jammer: 15,8
- Warfare Hospital: 2,8
- Neutral Square: 8,1 - First time on this map.

Make your preparations
"First! "
"First out of 4? BoD finished last the first time this map was played. Fix your math."
"can you not give BoD a handicap? I don't want to hear DV moan for 3 months straight "
"we have won the past 4 rds give us any sort of disavantange and you will see the advatage it brings "
"look what you did, bongo."
"Hell yes nobody can beat us! rocks at keeping 4th Place"
"How about an "anti BoD" objective that gives bonuses against yellow?"
"Wont break our ribbon, nice touch though. We will take it as a compliment "
"BOD aka the DF rejects, will win as long as players can freely move around."
"i for one have never or will ever be in df thank you very much steven"
"wait maybe you can go BoD expo go up twice as fast... Celtic wins the league too easy let them play with 8 players too."
"Neutral Square on this map. Scott, you are an idiot."
"neutral square is really dumb. really. also, will tc finally fight bod this round? ...i doubt it "
"bring back the 3rd objective. this map is gay without it"
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