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Game News posted by Scott
Monday, April 22nd 2013
Zorg will be posting a more in-depth blog this week about this but in future if you wish to ticket something, please use the Hunted Cow ticket system as we're slowly merging with that system!

A few changes, effective immediately all lottos that are running in any area of Legacy will have the winning number drawn from either a Hunted Cow Staff member or one of my Voluntary Helpers (Via Online chat Random Number Generator) it is up to the person running them to contact either one of us. I'm asking anyone in future to avoid taking part in lottos that do not state how the number is drawn as we have this year dealt with 3 scams and I'm currently looking into a lotto that has already been drawn a few months ago that has now been proven to be a scam. We're sorry for the inconvenience it may cause however it is fair for everyone if the number is drawn by someone who has no control over the result.

Loans are soon to be updated since we're now spending so much time and effort to claim them back - Remember you loan at your own risk - We have no obligation to get your credits back for you, this goes for Gangs, Clans and Players.

I'm going to be spending some time this week planning the Anniversary and other things so keep an eye out

Have a nice day!
"Can we have an update queue?"
"Legacy is turning less player friendly each day it seems."
"Any word on the cooldown reduction for name changes?"
"People and their stupid loans, what nonsense. I still maintain loans should all be banned. "
"Double exp plsss, for anniversary "
"an update for anniversary? or just another banner and some cake that no one even likes lol.... "
"make something exciting please? we need it lol"
"Another toolbox maybe? "
"This is exactly why never loan out credits but for once I agree with Cell."
"for the anniversary can every thing be doubled"
"You tell us to use the HCS ticket system, we do - We then get told by Zorg to use the Legacy ticket system because the HCS system is only for billing related matters. Sort yourselves out, guys."
"I had a long comment about in game fame, volunteers, lack of real dev team.... but i'll just go with +1 to cell"
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