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Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, October 11th 2012
Some more information on my last blog, Fines will come into full effect from today’s merge onwards. Don't worry however the account fines will be only for the severe terms of Service Violations, Our aim is to take away credits/items they would've got from doing such activities. If you're a regular player these should not affect you negatively at all, they should help you positively with a "cash pot" for us to run more events and/or contests.

Clan Fines, yes -don't worry I will explain everything. Clans have been deemed inactive, yet a lot are still active however a few contain material that shouldn't be there. We have a flame forum for such activities! Our aim is to make clan leaders more responsible for the clans, its members and secure the clan bank (Due to clans putting everyone in a position to steal the bank). Leaders have a responsibility to moderate the forums and remove subjective material that should not have been posted.

A few/lot of you are going to be worried massive fines will be handed out, that will not be the case - if odd posts are spotted reminders will be given, warnings and depending on the amount of time a staff member has to spend cleaning your forums up - will depend on the punishment. You will be glad to know; our clan helpers have already cleaned and swept up all clans so they're all free of such material

These clans will come into full force today however don't expect to see any right away, again any credits gained from this will be added to the "pot".

Some questions:

- "What if our clan leader is inactive?" : Well a clan is aimed for a group of people, so if you submit a Leader Hand-Over request to our Clan Helpers we will look into it, old clans such as lets say "MeanStreet Mob" that has been around for years, will not be handed over since its leader is active etc..

- "What if we ignore this and use the forums how WE want?" : Well then this is why these fines are imposed, we don't want to shut clans down - We wan tto see players partake in clans. However if a clan is seen to use the forums as a "flame forum" then they will slowly be fined more and more.

- "They're my credits in my bank you have no right" : Actually if you donate credits to a clan, the credits then belong to a clan. If the clan shuts down, the credits should be deleted along with the clan.

- "I'm only a member?!" : You won’t be affected by any of this, these are just for Leaders and Asst. Leaders.

If you have any questions, please mail me - I will do my best to explain fully the question. Just remember guys, AH15 is soon - Read the Main Forum thread >> HERE <<

Yeah, MURDER MYSTERY! Still working on it, I think I've confused the person doing GFX for me I will make a wiki page details what I am going on about etc... Enough from me, cya laters!
"AH 15* "
"Haha all this to control my clan "
"I think being able to remove the clan leaders is bad, if the clan is inactive it should die out"
""Clans have been deemed inactive". How can we fix this? Let's fine the shit out of anyone with an active clan!"
"first of all, the clan bank is donations and such used for the members of said clans, to be used in games and loans, etc. this is the stupidest thing i have ever seen."
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