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Game News posted by Scott
Monday, October 8th 2012
YES! Its that time again where for once, I bring a mixture of good news and possibly bad news if you seem to revolve around getting banned a lot.

For the Good News - I start with an apology. I do apologise for not doing a Murder Mystery sooner, the reasons for this start with the planning and connections and they end with I always wanted this event to stay... Rare. I have always disliked the werewolves thread as for the good amount of time they have been run back to back. Anyway, it is coming back and I will post more details of it SOON!

Finally the other good/bad news is the following: In the past Staff have fined players for major Terms of Service violations (Multiple accounts, Network trading etc..) however they slowly died and stop being enforced. Simply because it was a credit sink with nothing to do with them. I am however reinstating the fines from a certain date when the details are finalised and loopholes are closed. You may ask, why is this good news... WELL! As I stated there is nothing to do with them, as staff we have no reason to have them or use them. So we will delete a good percentage of them however, we will use a fair amount to run events and use as prizes, use more for new players and if all else fails run small prize lottos and/or reward them to clans for them to use for other reasons.

Have a nice day people!
"Good news for me! Bad new for Anialator!"
"I like the idea! "
"i dont get it, you will be giving multi's stuffs away?"
"This seams like no news to me. "
"seems like a prick thing you's do alright scott "
"@ f4s, if your caught with a multi, theres now a large credit fine."
"We need a little siren for this type of thing "
"How about we close the loopholes on all the rules and give out real punishments. Giving stuff to clans will only benefit a certain few."
"A monthly lotto for those of us that haven't cheated would be nice! Even just one for non-avs too?"
"This may help stop some people from cheating/being idiots. I'd suggest finalizing this ASAP due to the possible new players; also suggest that ALL the fines be saved rather than some just be deleted."
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