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Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, December 25th 2011
Put a few seconds aside to post this today (Feel Special), Happy Christmas to everyone, have a good time I hpe you enjoy yourselves but please don't mix Legacy and Alcohol...

On another more annoying note, Bug Abuse is one of more the serious topics of this blog. Recently a bug with the advent calender allowed a player to keep claiming and selll cards. I have to remind players that when it comes to bug abuse - everything to do with players taking, sending and paying etc are logged and when we are made aware of an issue we usually check up on the history after the problem is resolved.

Now it comes to the fun abuse part of the bug, if you find a bug your first action would be to inform staff to the best of your ability, then you should leave the bug alone and not distribute or inform other players of the contents of it. I have a list of players that abused such bug and they have all been informed to pay up with a set deadline, after that deadline we will not hesitiate to delete, reset Accounts or take credits/items to make up for the debt that is to be repaid.

Everything is logged when it comes to systems, so think before you abuse something for personal gain.

Have a nice holiday, I'll post another blog around new year.
"Merry Merry Xmas to us all "
"Where Zorg at, holla at us!"
"Time for some Bacon and Eggs!"
"Unbelievable how absolutely STUPID some players still are! "Admin will never notice this." Deletion of those stupid accounts would be a great start! "
"The bug was thrown in their laps. They didn't seek it out to abuse it. Give them a week in jail. Deletion is too severe."
"cool but when is the new map up ?"
"I have learned and tested the system several times (8 to be exact), never once has it failed to get me banned or deleted. Even money laundering. The logs are air tight."
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