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Game News posted by DMaster
Thursday, September 8th 2011
Just a short announcement, the date and time for the Smurf Event Round 3 has been set. It shall be held at 5pm Server Time (10pm GMT) on Friday 16th September!

I have just finished writing questions and can tell you that there are 45 points up for grabs! Who knows, perhaps someone who's currently on 0 points will overtake the point leaders and be crowned the winner, aka Guru Smurf!

Myself and Mohith both have a list of the questions and so we will both be hosting the quiz. Therefore if any unforeseen circumstance arrives and one of us can't make it, then the show can still go on.

Best of luck to everyone that participates! We shall see you there!

"Smurfs=First "
"Can't make that Day/Time, good luck to everyone else."
"cba "
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