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Game News posted by Scott
Wednesday, March 23rd 2011
Alright now LegCon is... Done I apologize for the late feedback - there is literally no excuse for this that will interest any of you so I have decided to change my own character design into a frog as punishment for my ignorance.

Few points for this blog - I urge you to click the links below and read everything as some things may effect you! (Nothing bad don't worry!)

o LegCon Page: Click Here!
o LegCon #4 Points: Click Here!
o LegCon #4 Log: Click Here!

Thank you to everyone, it's been amazing the feedback we get we couldn't make this game carry on without events and feedback like this - thank you to all the Mods, Guides, Staff and the community that make this game sail on! Repost Fail ftw

On... Another note we have re-vamped wiki security due to bots attacking our wiki and posting links to website that maliciously damage your PC/Browser. We have fixed our capcha and have edited settings so you now have to login/create an account (On the wiki) to edit pages. As per usual we advise that you use another password to your Legacy Account to strengthen security
"Post another one "
"o LegCon #4 Points: Click Here! -Da Link is Bwoke 4 me"
" - Theres the working link."
"bebe is right the 2nd link doesn't work"
"Link fail."
"ooh, he just fixed the link right before my eyes"
"Hue changes to clothing will be removed...why, why, why!?! horray for downgrading "
Halloween 2022
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Medium Sack
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