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Game News posted by Zorg
Tuesday, March 22nd 2011
We all had fun at LegCon, lots of things got discussed. We have also decided that from now on all LegCons will be followed with a community game of TripleJack (beer optional). Normally I get lots done the day after LegCon but this hasn't been the case as my computer exploded in firey... or well my main HDD died. Still re-installing programs and restoring files but all should be well again once that is done.

First thing on my list of things to do is shutting down Dev and starting tests on the new AI for Map 5. If you missed LegCon you'll have no idea what any of that is, I'm sure Scott will post logs soon but for now just ask somebody more awesome than you who attended!
" yay WL AI"
"I have never blown up any part of my computers over the years... what do you do to them?"
" fiery explosions...except in computers"
"Since I couldn't make it - is there any chance of someone posting a rough outline of what was suggested/discussed in Main?"
"Skorne, Scott will be posting the logs from LegCon soon."
"Good to have you back, go update go ^______^"
"Let's see how these updates go and I may invest in some subtime "
"Zorg the server time needs to be set ahead an hour i think."
"does afking for the whole thing but being in online chat count as awesome too? "
"We discussed that at legcon too, tg "
"You REALLY need to think about getting some better parts for your systems. You've had so many computers die over the years. "
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