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Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, December 18th 2010
Today myself and Zorg fixed an error with name change that should've been reported 2 weeks ago. Just a reminder that when you find a bug in the game - leave it and report it. Do not abuse it and then report it as we still have to remove the said abuse.

On a happier note on Thursday the 23rd of December I will be hosting an informal event called Legacy Chat Party! It's a one day event that will start at 5pm server time and we have no idea when it will end. It will include:

-> Discussions about Past and Future additions to Legacy
-> General Mistakes by Players/Staff (Funny not serious)
-> Trivia - General Knowledge with Legacy questions thrown in
-> General discussion about new years and what lies ahead
-> QUESTION HOUR! (Yes I'm being serious) - However We're going to limit it to 3 questions per gang (Sorry!) so get in your forums and make a thread and pick the questions you can ask either Zorg, Pie or myself.

It's going to be fun and at times totally unorganized but aren't all parties?
"Ou la la"
"yay an idea i have thats being implemented! (selfless credit)"
"can we have a cyber session"
"-> Discussions about Past and Future additions to Legacy, Should be a pretty short discussion "
"I'll be there! "
"Omfg!!!! chaos !!"
"I'll bring the keg"
"sausage fest.."
"Past additions to legacy -> umm... done!"
Past Rounds
 - Updated by Pie

 - Updated by Pie

Name changes
 - Updated by Pie

Dark Legion Armor
 - Updated by Pie

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