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Game News posted by Zorg
Tuesday, November 30th 2010
I'm currently looking to recruit a new voluntary staff member to help market and advertise Legacy, past experience in this field will be required. This job will not require a huge time investment, but will require you to be online at regular intervals. The job will involve normal staffing duties, monitoring our external content, reviewing our voting sites and advertisement programs and creation of spreadsheets and graphs.

Details on how to apply will be posted on the Main Forum by Pie later today, you'll be required to send him an application then attend an online interview via MSN with Pie and myself.
"Not that I am applying, but can you elaborate on "past experience in this field will be required". "
"Im guessing Zorg would like someone with past experience on advertising..."
"Goodluck to those that apply "
"Right order should be: Atack system > New abilities > Advertising. "
""voluntary staff member" sounds like working for free "
"I have a marketing degree (can provide proof) and work currently in advertising/Marketing sector, this blog is pretty much aimed at me. But I won't be applying to work with you and your closed mind."
"mememe "
"To people who want an elaborate explanation of past experience required. I'm guessing he means as HD said have a marketing degree or some form of marketing/advertisement experience or qualification."
"Or worked in some promotional areas somehow. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where your best foot forward should go, especially with Advertising. "
"i am taking a "Principle to Marketing" class nearly done. and he gives peanuts for the workers."
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