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Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, November 11th 2010
Below are all the reps that have been mailed/posted to me. If you need any edits please mail me as soon as possible!

Chapter - Altiar, kizaaz, dartnell and kukker
Dark Flame - Tibos, jonkers and zerocomman (need more)
Blade of Dawn - KevinMp, Bacardi, blitzkid, and darp
Outcats - Food, Risque, dagreek and LordofD
Elders - Guilt and FatTony

Thank you to the fast response of some gangs, it's nice to see people get involved with this event. May I remind all that this whole event is so you can help myself and Zorg tweak different parts of the game, we can get as much feedback and decide on the right edits. Anything raised isn't ignored or thrown away - if it can't be done then it can't but we always see if we can at least add minor bits to help. All gangs will get a chance to speak I know last time OC got cut off a lot so I will let them voice opinions first.

A reminder that around 5pm the chat will be set to Moderated meaning that nobody apart from Staff, mods and the people named above will be able to speak. If you wish to add a comment simply tell a rep from your gang. Mods have been instructed to ignore all messages and pop ups.

Also on this event I have invited a staff from each department to help provide feedback to some issues, granted it will be mostly myself and Zorg talking... but if an issue pops up with accounts then I see no reason why an Accounts admin cant poke some information in or at least throw an idea into the pot. After the event I'll collect all feedback and logs and post them on our Wiki, if we have any time I might try do a Q&A session for players
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