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Game News posted by Zorg
Sunday, November 7th 2010
Halloween items are gone and poppies are now online, if you don't know why then check on Google. Next on my list of things to do before the attack system rebuild is the terms of service rewrite, some rules need to be put in place to cover the chaos which is currently the flame forum for a start. Other rules will be clarified, removed and rewritten.

The upcoming LegCon will have no predefined topic, but I do have a few issues I wish to raise. Some regarding staff, Legacy Affairs and a couple of possibly controversial suggestions. The main one being the possibility of opening all the special outfit items we have for christmas / halloween / etc, up for individual purchase. I know quite a few people want some of the items permanently, not sure how players or the graphics staff who put all the work in to making the events special would react to the idea.

Also more information on my upcoming plans and projects, everything will be logged if you can't make it so check that after!
"Wooo...purchasing character looks again..."
"ehh don't really like purchasing clothing...I look forward to them only once a year! "
"Microtransaction them. If people really want it, they'll pay money (or so I understand people... i may be wrong). Wouldn't hurt to have an additional cashflow coming in, even if it isn't that much"
"Wth are the poppies about, I googled but cant seem to find anything other than what the flower symbolizes."
"Rememberance day, Moonpig."
"Rewriting the ToS is long overdue and great item to update!"
"I really want those golden xmas spandex all year long so its good with me. And I'd like it if Flame Forums was prohibited to players under 16 at least. "
"Shaidar, how would we monitor that though? Anybody can say their ages is 16+, even if they're not. But Zorg, You're doing great. Keep up the good work."
"Then Zorg have to put my turtle up so I can buy it "
"sweet, Costumes hopefully they won't be with sub"
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