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Game News posted by Scott
Wednesday, November 3rd 2010
Friday 12th November at 5pm server time I will be hosting the 3rd LegCon. There will be a few Staff there (Usually Myself, Zorg and Pie) and maybe one from each department. This LegCon we haven't specified an agenda and would like all gangs to target their main issues. I would say it's an hour long but these events sometimes peek 2-3 Hours. If we have some time after it suppose we can have a small Q&A session.

If you're interested in being a rep for your gang or would like to raise a point you will find a thread in your Member Forums.

o LegCon Page
o LegCon Log #2
o LegCon Log #1

If you have any questions just post in one of the threads or mail me! On another note I hope you enjoyed the Halloween Event, I would like to thank faelust, bcfcespley and DMaster from my team for helping me set it up and stuff! I'm not sure when the next one will be but it won't be far off. Also I know DMaster is thinking of doing an AH in the next few weeks so keep your eye out for that.
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"Awesome Hour! "
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