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Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, December 19th 2009
Just to update you on what's happening within the Development part of the game. Zorg's busy coding the new staff system and the shrubbed players list. I'm sure he will update you on that later. We have 2 Online Chat events coming up:

Newbie Hour - Saturday 9th January at 1pm EST
��This Event is limited to people ages 150 days old and lower. It's a main event for ��the newbies to go to chat and have a big question time with Guides and interact ��with Staff. At the end you can submit feedback to me so we can improve how our ��newbie experience is for new accounts.

LegCon - Friday 15th January.
�� This event is for ALL of the game, however due to the amount of people
�� expected Online Chat will be set to Moderated. The whole event is so players and
�� Staff can note the big problems with Legacy and in this quick session create fixes!
�� Each gang will have to elect 4 reps to speak for the gang. Don't worry if you want
�� to add something to the chat, just speak to your rep and he/she will have the
�� chance to say it for you. A thread will be made in each gang's member forum
�� later in January.

Don't worry if you forget, you will be reminded near to the date of the events
On another note I hope you all have fun over the holidays and please...
Don't login drunk
" fun fun fun"
"Scott since when can you post blogs! "
"^ pillage same question, legcon sounds neat"
"I like loggingin drunk."
"I see grammer errors. Its like my one text book this quarter... just not as bad {xd}. And isn't it a WasteCon???"
"but logging in drunk makes for a fun time "
"Ill be hammered."
"If you can correctly input your password to login you are not drunk. All people claiming they are drunk are posers. Also, another NEW staff system ? I thought we had like 5 of those already."
"To Claify no dagreek its now LegCon, and go die in a fire. grzesiek this new system is totally being redone one bit at a time Plus Zorg has a horrible addiction to TF2 "
"Darn! There goes my idea of a good and efficient conversation"
"some of us have the passwords input automatically and back when you could steal credits I logged in drunk and had over 1k stolen from me "
"Sounds fun "
"sounds good "
"OH NOES Scott haf invaded teh blog!?!? . LegCon sounds pretty good."
"Scott loves me."
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