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Game News posted by rollin340
Sunday, October 6th 2019
So, the latest update contains a few bug fixes, and 1 change to a long standing system.

There was a PvP bug that gave fatal errors. If you do still encounter this, please let us know.
Another bug fix was regarding backlog; you should be getting those normally now.

The real meat for this update is the Crystal Removal system.
With the old system, you either lost the Crystal, lost 1 item level, or paid 5,000 Platinum to save both.
With the new system, you ALWAYS get the Crystal back. Instead of losing an entire level, you lose a set amount of item XP based on the type of Crystal. You can still pay some Platinum to save that XP, though it is far less now.

The numbers are as follows:
Crystal Type ------------------ XP Lost ---------- Platinum Cost
Small Crystal -------------------- 250 ------------------ 25
Medium Crystal ----------------- 500 ------------------ 50
Large Crystal ------------------- 1000 ---------------- 100
Giant Crystal ------------------- 2000 ---------------- 200
Perfect Crystal ----------------- 4000 ---------------- 400
Abyss Crystal Fragment ------ 1000 ---------------- 100
Fractured Abyss Crystal ------ 2000 ---------------- 200
Unrefined Abyss Crystal ----- 4000 ---------------- 400
Abyss Crystal ------------------ 5000 ---------------- 500
Cabrusion Crystal ------------- 5000 ---------------- 500
Amulet Crystal ---------------- 5000 ---------------- 500
Prime Crystal ------------------ 3000 --------------- 300
Aeon Crystal ------------------ 3000 ---------------- 300

Hopefully, with this change, you won't be so afraid to try out different builds.
Feel free to discuss this change, and let us know what you think.
Game News posted by Lynx
Thursday, February 15th 2018
Just a short blog post to expand on rollin's post below, that's me failing to notify him of the other things that's going to be fixed.

The list includes:
- G-Code button mapping fixed.
- Adding G-Code button for the spoiler tag.
- Editing a forum post will redirect back to the origin page instead of always the first.
- Fixing a bug that prevents certain people from saving their textural signatures.
- Some "under the hood" optimizations.

One of them which is already live.

If you have another small bug that needs fixing, a UI glitch, or something else out of the ordinary that just annoys the hell out of you, my inbox is open.
(Don't forget to include screenshots, or videos.)

Besides that i'm striving to include something bigger than just a bugfix, the "Mark Squares for capture" suggestion, however as it appears now, it's unlikely I'll ever manage to figure out something that works (it's harder than it seems mixing 5+ colors, without it looking funky and support colorblind.) i'll probably fallback to the "Sidechat Smilies" suggestion by UnicornBob a while ago, which also attracted a 2 ciffer positive ratings.

- Lynx
Game News posted by Scott
Friday, December 30th 2011
Today I have shrubbed Eminent and Cuhullen for bug abuse that hit a total of 65k. For the final few I have given a 3 day extention, do not take this lightly, after this deadline your accounts will join them if the funds are not returned.

On another note the Warfare reset is scheduled to happen on the 3rd of January.

Lastly, this will be the final blog of 2011 so I would like to wish all players and staff a Happy New year, 2012 will be an interesting year - Hopefully not full of the stuff I've been thrown at this year... you players cause a lot of work for me <3

Dancing Cow
Dancing Cow
Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, December 25th 2011
Put a few seconds aside to post this today (Feel Special), Happy Christmas to everyone, have a good time I hpe you enjoy yourselves but please don't mix Legacy and Alcohol...

On another more annoying note, Bug Abuse is one of more the serious topics of this blog. Recently a bug with the advent calender allowed a player to keep claiming and selll cards. I have to remind players that when it comes to bug abuse - everything to do with players taking, sending and paying etc are logged and when we are made aware of an issue we usually check up on the history after the problem is resolved.

Now it comes to the fun abuse part of the bug, if you find a bug your first action would be to inform staff to the best of your ability, then you should leave the bug alone and not distribute or inform other players of the contents of it. I have a list of players that abused such bug and they have all been informed to pay up with a set deadline, after that deadline we will not hesitiate to delete, reset Accounts or take credits/items to make up for the debt that is to be repaid.

Everything is logged when it comes to systems, so think before you abuse something for personal gain.

Have a nice holiday, I'll post another blog around new year.
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