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Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, July 9th 2016
Today we started a huge backhaul of cleaning of the forums, no data was deleted. To avoid removing parts of the games history we've combed through the forums to remove any issues with the search function. With that we also got rid of the lovely language this community has. If you did it within the past 3 months you got a cuddly toy disfavor for yourselves. If you've got mod messages ignore them.

Forums aren't a place for that kinda language and we've done a major overhaul of historic posts that where left unmodded. We will be putting the forums back up soon!
Game News posted by Scott
Monday, June 20th 2016
I don't know the future of this game and I know the community is quite resilient. The blog I posted a few months back is quite moot right now so I suppose I best update you on everything that I know of up to now

So to begin I've reformed staff and it introduces player staff again. These will play and control one aspect of the game. For Will it will remain as community but he's had everything else stripped off him. He still has access to minor things in case the game decides to have a fit or we have a return from the usual abortion adverts. With this said it has been an honour to work along side Will and he's basically held the game for a year or so whilst I've been busy. With this said I believe in equality and for his dedication to this game over the years he has been bumped to Avatar, given full equipment (not upgraded) and a set of 50k of credits.

I will do everything else, accounts, clans etc sounds a lot but in a small community it is quite easy to do. I will however be hiring another player staff, out of respect to EX-Staff I will be picking from the pool of current guide/mods or the pool of EX-staff that have left on good ground. I don't believe putting it out to public apps is a good thing to do currently.

Legacy is set to continue how it is for a while, Zorg and HCS have a work currently, respectfully without starting a riot you have to understand that times have changed and browser based games aren't the craze and the market is flooded with them, so obviously for that company to survive they have to change. I'm sure Zorg will post an update in the next month or so.

I will be getting around to Loans and tickets soonish, I'm going to speak with faelust and see what needs doing for MM and get that launched for you guys. I suppose this is Zorg getting what he wants and me revoking my resignation. CRAP!
Real Life posted by Scott
Sunday, February 14th 2016
This is going to be a long blog post, sorry. I have been staff on Legacy for around 7 years. I believe will has been around for nearly 5 years. I was around 16/17 when I first became staff under Lucas, and within a year Zorg hired me as a manager and I began to run Legacy under him. Just to illustrate that point, I sometimes woke up at 4am to help in wl resets, the odd few times Zorg synced the files and I had to make it live. I have been "called out" on Boxing Day, Christmas Day, trying to get internet connection on xmas day in a relatives house to stop an online game being damaged, rushing online to get rid of mass multis and spammers, getting the game back up when it committed suicide - priorities eh?

I think what I'm trying to say is I have been dedicated to Legacy, making it run, keeping order and going out of my way to make players enjoy the game with events. In that time I was at Zorgs throat and him at mine but we still worked together. It is only recently that my activity has been low or MIA. I could still balance it when at uni, even with a full social life. When I graduated and began working for Local Government that is when my activity started to drop. Now I've been promoted and I'm in a position that requires more time and callouts and my social life takes a huge chunk of what I have left. The only way I could do it is if I used personal holidays to give time to Legacy and I did that out of guilt last year so you guys could have an event and well, nobody should be using holidays for that.

With this said, effective from the end of March, Voluntary Helpers will no longer exist. I will be stepping down and Will has decided that his priorities need reshuffling and he will be stepping down also. I'm not 100% on how tickets/clans and reps will work yet. I'm not sure how mods will work. I will sort this with Zorg ASAP however. I won't leave Legacy on fire, ill make sure there is a correct handover.

It has been an amazing time on Legacy, some of you have annoyed me to high heaven but I hold no grudges as you guys are awesome. Legacy has an awesome community, it is a shame that browser based games are becoming extinct. Thank you for all the laughs and rages I have had, I think Will, will be posting something or saying something eventually. I will be doing one last MM since its all planned just needs the images. This will be one of the last blogs I will post.

P.S Congratulations to Steven, he should be highlighted for the hours he has dedicated, honest true person that deserves a statue on Legacy dedicated to him. Sad to see him go but his personal life is evolving - Grats man!

- Scott Out.
Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, January 23rd 2016
Soooooo its near Feb... and no MM - RECORD! But on a serious note just need a few images and I'll let it go live I finished it then hopped on a plane so my foolishness was thinking Vegas had working Wifi

So I am officially back! A Month vaycay So if you have outstanding issues mail me and I'll be going through tickets and Elder stuff later

Hope you all had an amazing New year and Xmas
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