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Game News posted by Meepers
Thursday, December 15th 2022
Come check out Meepventures, our new interactive narrative game in the Main forum! Join in and you'll have a chance to win some rare prizes. And don't worry, everyone who participates is guaranteed to win something. Don't miss out!
Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, December 5th 2022
The Snow Cones public event is now open. I know it's earlier than we normally do it but while we get the Advent Calendar sorted out, it should hopefully give you all something else to do.

The other holiday raid will only go live on Monday, 19th of December till Monday, 2nd of Jan. Snow Cones will also end 2nd of Jan.

PS: I know folks are experiencing issues with logging in. If you have this issue (and are reading this post from the portal), please navigate to in order to login.

PSSS: Keep an eye out in WL. Something milky comes this way.
Game News posted by Meepers
Thursday, December 1st 2022
PSA: Diego's Hideout Quests involving crafting are currently bugged. I suggest you not run those quests till the fix gets pushed to live. Specifically the craft pistol and craft poison quests seem to be affected.

We have a thread in Main Forum tracking all bugs and fixes for Material storage so please check it out to see the status.
Game News posted by rollin340
Monday, November 28th 2022
So, the materials system has been updated. Will it help with the lag? We'll see.

If you encounter any bugs, let me know; use the Thread in the Main Forums.

If you have any suggestions as well, such as what the Storage Expansion quests can reward instead of just Crafting XP since storage slots are no longer a thing, use the Thread in Main Forums as well.

Also, there is a step I forgot to take into consideration that I'll resolve later this week; the items you had your old Material Storage that were not migrated, such as tools and some things like Skulls, are still stuck there, and will be moved to your inventory when I get to it.

Have a good week ahead folks.
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Medium Void Crystal
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Medium Pink Crystal
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Medium Null Crystal
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