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Game News posted by sumwish
Tuesday, November 1st 2022
As Halloween comes to an end, we'll leave the theme up for another few days or so for some last minute enjoyment (and jobs ) Shadress came out on Halloween but she may be out again the next couple of nights until her powers finally fade for good this year...

New Month New Map. Here's what happened last map:

The results are in.

Warfare: September - October 2022

1: Outcasts: 1,321,075 points
2: Dark Flame: 953,605 points
3: Chapter: 940,815 points
4: Blade of Dawn: 353,075 points

Congratulations OC on your win!
Game News posted by Meepers
Friday, October 28th 2022
Just a quick update, I've been very busy with work and real life that I haven't been able to coordinate with Gang Leaders on the upcoming new map I wanted to release. I understand it may be too late to stick to the release time frame now as gangs don't have the time to form an optimal strategy. In my humble opinion, I don't think a lot of planning is required for this new map but regardless, it might be better to start this new map and WF Mode in Jan 2023. It would give us time to iron out some of the smaller details and maybe even get some optional GFX done for it.

With that said please hold tight for a little longer on what the next map will be for Nov - Dec.

In other news, double XP will commence this weekend. Approximately midnight server time, which is 4 hours from writing this blog. And it shall last 48 hours exactly.

Game News posted by Meepers
Friday, October 14th 2022
Just a quick content update. I'm working on rehauling the raid vault. The goal is to add more tangible use and value from doing raids. The current prices are quite high and the reward for the work required just doesn't add up.

A current change I've added into the game that will require some feedback will be weapon rentals using raid points. I've changed the cost and ability of the "Camo Rift Gun" from 1000rp to 50rp. And also gave it the ability Vampiric Smite - Has a chance to drain an enemy's focus. Test it out and let me know your thoughts.

The plan is to add more "rental" gear with stronger stats and more perks with the drawback of a shorter lifespan. As always the real challenge is finding the balance so nothing is overpowered. So I'll be taking in everyone's feedback and assessing before changes get finalized.
Game News posted by sumwish
Thursday, October 13th 2022
Halloween is in full swing. Be sure to check in this weekend for some visitors in the WL As we get closer to the 31st you may see more paranormal activity in the WL.

If you're participating in the Werewolves game, and haven't seen my many notifications, the first day phase has started today.

Be sure to check out the Main forum for an official Legacy Competition with a costume contest!

Community hiring applications will come to a close on the 21st. Please get all applications in to me by then.

Make sure you enjoy the Holiday!
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