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Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, May 25th 2014
To give you an update on what I've been doing, in March I completely scrapped our Guide system - it wasn't working and new players where waiting days to get anything from a guide. This system was originally set up in 2007/08 and hasn't been changed, I figured I could do better and each guide now has access to live signups and minor access to our staff channel and a better budget to better deal with newbies with a live database that is changed and updated by guides, with a newbie having an entry on it when they sign up.

After 2 months I'm proud to say its a success, we seem to be holding new players around for longer and we've sent out over 3k of meds to new players to help them level. I suggest that gangs revamp their newbie systems and stop relying on lists to be posted or newbies assigned to a personal rank 11.

Another thing upcoming is 2 forums being coded into Legacy, I can only speak about a public one for now as the other hasn't been 100% finalised but we're going to add a trading forum to legacy - the one thing we don't have, meaning you can advertise your market - Hold offers or sell in bulk to the game community.

Last thing is the new filter, we have a long list of words to go through and I will sometime next week and clear things up, my best advice is to just not avoid the filter or test it...

With a Bank Holiday for us in the UK Tomorrow I suspect if you're waiting for anything from HCS it wont be until Tuesday, tickets will be unlocked to us on Tuesday so we can't do anything until then!
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