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Game News posted by Zorg
Saturday, October 30th 2010
The Halloween event draws to a close, somebody did get the answer correct in the early hours of the morning. That person will be announced tomorrow, along with the manual addition of banners to all those who got it correct some time later in the day. Hope you all have a fun Halloween, I'll be back on Monday and working to hopefully get the forum images back up and running.

Game News posted by Zaphar
Monday, October 25th 2010
There has been a murder in the hive and due to funding cuts we need all the help we can get in solving it. If you wish to help please visit the Crime Scene in Sector 3, there you will be shown evidence and must submit answers. You only get to submit one answer for each question and if you're wrong your help will no longer be required.

If you get it correct every day for the next 5 days then the 6th day will present you with a final piece of evidence, then you must combine all you have learned to name the killer. The first person to get it correct will win a staff favor and some subscription time, everybody who gets it correct on the final day will earn a special banner though!
Game News posted by Zorg
Monday, October 18th 2010
The Halloween event is now live, you can find a custom Halloween background made by bcfcespley under Template Control if you want to try it out. Custom outfit items are up along with the items in Joe's Merchandise. Scott's special Halloween event will begin in about a weeks time and I'm sure somebody will run the regular costume contest in the forums.

Still waiting on gang leaders to get back to me about Blue Pill trades, looks like they're not having any more luck getting a straight answer than I did.
Game News posted by Zorg
Thursday, October 14th 2010
Halloween outfits and items will go up on the 18th, doing it a bit earlier this year to give people more time to play around with stuff. Scott's murder mystery thing will go up a week before Halloween I believe. New blog system is also now live, just finishing off lots of projects I have that are half finished.

Need to get image tags working again soon, just quite a big job that may set me back a while. Also I'm going to be changing / fixing a couple of achievements like I said previously.
Crystal System
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Blueprint Merchant
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