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Game News posted by Zorg
Thursday, October 14th 2010
Halloween outfits and items will go up on the 18th, doing it a bit earlier this year to give people more time to play around with stuff. Scott's murder mystery thing will go up a week before Halloween I believe. New blog system is also now live, just finishing off lots of projects I have that are half finished.

Need to get image tags working again soon, just quite a big job that may set me back a while. Also I'm going to be changing / fixing a couple of achievements like I said previously.
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The Werewolves have won this game of Werewolves. Nice work to them. - Will
Night 4 in the Werewolves game has begun! - Will
Day 3 of the Werewolves game has begun! - Will
Day 2 of the Werewolves game has begun - Will
Night Phase 1 has begun. Message Will with your night action if you are participating. - Will