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Game News posted by Aldo
Wednesday, April 12th 2017
Warfare will not reset tonight as originally planned based on a recent game vote spurred by some people suggesting pushing the reset by a day or to the next week in order to better prepare, test the new layout/objective (or because of Easter as said by a few).

The vote ended with 40 people voting in favor of a postponement, with 25 people voting to have it on Monday 12:00 AM and 15 people voting for Friday 12:00 AM. In comparison, 38 people voted for a "No - I'm fine with whatever goes up on Thursday 12:00AM".

I'll be talking to Zorg later when I get a chance to ask him about his availability (although I think I can perform the reset myself with some of the tools I've made in the game now - just need to know how to setup point tracking for a true reset) for these days. I'm personally in favor of running the reset Friday 12:00 AM as a significant amount of people did vote for the 'No' option, even if not the majority so I'd rather not see this pushed too far ahead.

Share your thoughts below (if you think we need a game vote now to truly decide the reset time, or when you think it should be, or whatever).


"Was looking forward to the new map, but it's better to get it right I suppose. I'd much prefer Friday over Monday but that's just me "
"I agree I think we're more or less in a good place - the current layout with some further cleaning is most likely the final thing. Friday from me "
"ok "
"I'm off this Friday, so its obvious when I would like the reset to happen "
"Its easter weekend... i am out all weekend so tuesday be fine"
"Glad we're waiting, would be worse to start then find a bug that ruins the points count "
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