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Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, December 5th 2022
The Snow Cones public event is now open. I know it's earlier than we normally do it but while we get the Advent Calendar sorted out, it should hopefully give you all something else to do.

The other holiday raid will only go live on Monday, 19th of December till Monday, 2nd of Jan. Snow Cones will also end 2nd of Jan.

PS: I know folks are experiencing issues with logging in. If you have this issue (and are reading this post from the portal), please navigate to in order to login.

PSSS: Keep an eye out in WL. Something milky comes this way.
Null Crystal Shard
 - Updated by Albel

Abstruse Crystal
 - Updated by Albel

Fire Crystal Shard
 - Updated by Albel

Void Crystal Shard
 - Updated by Albel

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