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Game News posted by Aldo
Thursday, December 23rd 2021
Couple of things to share today!

  1. There is a game vote up to vote on the next round's WL Map. Please see Pie's thread in the WL/Raid forum for details on each option and then proceed to vote in the Game Vote.

  2. Faelust has released 5 new colored Neon paints on the plat store! Go check them out

  3. There is a new Holiday Pack of emojis created by UnicornBob available for purchase in Joe's Merchandise for a limited amount of time (i.e. only during seasonal holidays like right now). It contains some very fun, seasonal emojis, including a few animated ones!

  4. The equipment template module has a new, real-time Attack Style switching option. It currently only works in the Hive but an update soon should allow it to work while in WL as well.

  5. Dev currently has a pretty ginormous update on it that I've been working on periodically over the last couple of years.

    1. In terms of visible/testable changes, the raid map engine has been updated to use the WL Map engine code.

    2. Alongside that, all hive combat is now replaced by a new, real-time Combat page for PvP and PvE (both regular hunting and SNPC hunting).

    3. Combat in raids also uses the new combat code that powers this combat system (no functional changes to combat formulas though).

    If you get a chance, do test and share bugs in the Main Forum on Dev.

    It's a little hard to express non-technically why this update is important but suffice it to say that once it's fully done, it'll allow us to do more with combat more easily. I can also only move ahead with SH3... and some other stuff... once this update is in.

  6. The Chapter 5 raid design is in progress. ETA is probably by the end of the first week of January given its ...size. >

  7. Also, at some point in the first week of January, I am going to take Shad down and replace it with something else with a similar reward/setup and potentially as a private raid to counter leeching concerns in this instance.

Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, December 20th 2021
A Very Not Merry Realm, the single player seasonal raid, is now available to die in!

You may notice a very tiny slight addition to it But otherwise, it's the same old thing!

Weekly limit of 15 runs (reduced from last year's 33ish given that Snow Cones is going strong).

In other news, I have a pretty massive (internal, to a degree, with some visible changes) update waiting to go up on dev. That'll be a blocker for SH3, which is mostly already designed but requires this update in order to do some extra cool stuff.

While we wait on that, I'll work on Chapter 5 in the interim and see if I can release that before the end of the year.

Hope you all have a good time and happy dying!

Game News posted by Aldo
Tuesday, December 7th 2021
Are you ever in Wasteland? Do you find yourself, and your teammates, in low spirits AND low health? Don't have the credits to pay for a full heal AND your taxes?

Well, let me tell you, this product right here fresh out of X-Corp's oven is sure to make you feel better!

Presenting... the Deployment Kit, the earliest latest stolen development in medical nanotechnology! A scientific breakthrough of an intersection between drone technology and nanotech.

Use this bad boy (internally known as Good Boy) in Wasteland and find yourself and up to 4 other teammates basking in the glow of healing nanites!

Wondering how it works? Me too! Let's see:

  • A little bit after this post, Deployment Kits will be available in the Warfare Shop for 200 Warfare Points.

  • When a kit is in your held items, use /deploy heal in WL, immediately consuming the item, to spawn a visible gang NPC called 'Healing Drone'.

  • Every minute tick, the healing drone will expend healing power (currently set at 100HP), consuming it from its own HP bar.

  • If there are friendly gang members on the square, the expended healing power is split evenly among the gang players who need heals (up to a max of 5 players).

    (eg. If only 1 player needs heals, they get the full +100HP. If 2 players, 50 each..etc up to 5 players, 20 each,).

  • Once its HP <= 0, the single-use drone will become useless (like my future).

  • Higher gang ranks (not me ) can use /alert heal to explicitly create a new type of alert ("Healing drone"), but gang chat messages also go out when someone deploys a healing drone (also logged in Warfare log).

  • Each gang can only have up to 3 of its own healing drones active simultaneously.

  • Right now, anyone can deploy a healing drone once they have the item (which is also tradeable, fyi).

  • You cannot stack drones/deploy a drone on a square that already has another healing drone (friendly or otherwise).

  • War lords and above can go to a new drone management page in the citadel to destroy any active gang drone.

  • Healing Drones are not combat-equipped other than having really strong armor! Defend them with your life!

[ Preview ]

Feel free to discuss in the WL & Raids forum! As always, report any bugs or things that come up and I'll do my best to address them.

Also dev is down for ...erm reasons. Feel free to speculate, but I promise you it's nothing exciting.


Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, December 6th 2021
Sharing some notes on some QoL changes I did that should be checked into the game whenever Zorg has a moment. I pretty much just browsed through like 40 pages of the Suggestions forum looking for changes that could be quick/easy to do. Thanks to all those who suggestions I ended up using!

  • Resetting stat points at Xen’s Dojo grants you a 30 minute buff, Dojo’s Receipt, that lets you continue resetting points for free during that time. (Credit to zvasbinder)

  • Added a simple text-based movement timer to WL overview (at the bottom of the map); even if you misclick, you won’t be able to move accidentally in the overview until the timer’s up. (Credit to, I *think*, Joseph since he had asked for this forever ago)

  • /glance now also shows you square control on the glanced square. (Credit to Joseph)

  • Show player search results as soon as you land on the player fight/search page if you have the option “Open on arrival” enabled. (Credit to Larse - though this was only a part of his suggestion; couldn’t add the rest just yet).

  • Streamlined the entry to the black market; you only have to talk to Sudo one time when being granted your first entry into the market. After that, clicking the black market will take you straight in. (Credit to UnicornBob).

  • You can now use in-game tickets to submit a Legacy Affairs ticket (new category in the dropdown). I need to update the images on the Tickets page but you can get there by clicking the “Report a game bug” image and clicking the dropdown to change the category. (Fae had been asking for this forever so credit to her? )

In addition to these, rollin340 also fixed urls for sidechat. Also, thanks to Lynx for fixing the offensive/defensive fight history bug.

In addition to that... there is ...something else that is coming once the above QoL changes go live. But I'll save details on that for another blog post once it's in

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