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Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, December 19th 2016
The Shadow Facility is back and ripe for the hunting! But what's this? They have a new machine? You need power? Path Key Parts are still in play? What's going on ?!?!?!

Hey everyone,

Thanks for participating in the hunt for the parts of the Path Key! You all did so great working together towards a common goal as a community. But now you have a bigger challenge ahead of you - one that pit community interests against individual interests. What will be your Legacy in this event?

You all have already started figuring stuff out so just wanted to mention a few things:

1. Contributors - you have received a reward that can be claimed at the Shadow Facility. For those who didn't contribute or tried but couldn't get a part in, do not worry! The reward will soon be publicly available from a certain local vendor.

2. Test Subject 0: Aida has come out! She's the one responsible for the recent attacks against X-Corp Facilities (which worked out in your favor, judging by X-Corp mining, didn't it?). But is she a villain or something else? A note here is that she's currently not at her maximum potential - she will be very soon. But she does have something special up her sleeve!

3. This update hasn't introduced everything.

Happy hunting!
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