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Game News posted by Will
Friday, June 10th 2016
First thing's first, Russian Roulette was a surprising success and is now over. I need those who made it through Round 4 and Round 5 to message me with what they want specifically.

Perfect Crystal of your choosing: Bizzly, Skynyrd, Melliandra, Gisela
Non event item of your choosing: Melliandra, Gisela

Second thing, at the moment Scott is unavailable as he is on holiday. So any new issues, concerns, or complaints can come directly to me until he returns. Just so you get an idea, he's not even in the same country anymore. So he's totally unreachable for Legacy stuff right now.

There will be a few changes going on in the near future when Scott returns. What they are I cannot (and will not) disclose at this time on the possibility that something happens and THAT changes as well. Also keep an eye out for more potential events that I've been throwing lately.
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Blade of Dawn
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