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Game News posted by Scott
Sunday, October 25th 2015
A few things, this may be a long blog. Steven has returned so obviously he's working on multiple things already. Myself and a few others are staring to plan the Christmas Events already - gets earlier every year

We're adding more to the chat functions soon - Zorg is still working out some kinks, we're working through the name change submissions already! If this pilot scheme works and is successful I have no problems rolling it out permanently and editing the name change pages to advise that the scheme exists. In mod news we're reviewing (Will doesn't know this yet) all forum rules, with a few to relax them so that forum activity can perk up. I've asked all mods in their forum on advice and suggestions.

And finally GWC is returning. More will be posted next week but to advise you - IT will be based off one gang rank ONLY and their personal warfare points will count. I hope this results in a bloodbath but I can only dream

Halloween is upon us so lets see if we can't stir up some fun and hand out some freebies this week Ciao!
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