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Game News posted by Scott
Friday, December 20th 2013
All names have been sent for Secret Santa, if you did not get one you MUST contact me ASAP, if you are confused then again contact me ASAP. I think I may have made 1 mistake but I have rectified it. I have put everyone in one group with a minimum spend of 200c, you must send your gifts from the 23rd onwards! All gifts must be sent by the end of the 25th!

When you get a gift feel free to post in the Secret Santa thread of what you got and who from
Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, December 22nd 2012
MWHAHAHAAH! I'm back Okay so all mails have been sent for Secret Santa, a total of about 76 entered in both the lower level tier and the 40+ tier , try be imaginative with your presents and send them quickly! Don't be an idiot and give out meds either for you Scrooges out there...

The Elves in Warfare idea never actually went through so I'll look at New Year events or something.

Have a very good Christmas, - SCOTT OUT! (for 2 or 3 days)
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