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Game News posted by Lynx
Tuesday, September 25th 2018
Soo. After breaking the forums for a few hours a new update is finally ready, and will be pushed live within this week, if all goes well.

What does this include, you ask? Well...

- Players can react to forum posts.
- Staff can edit the available reactions if needed.
- Reactions can also be disabled/enabled on a "per forum" basis by staff.
- Reactions will also work with clan forums.
- Reactions can be turned off all together in "Game Settings"
- "Useless Information" table has been updated to include a count of your forum ratings and forum reactions.
- Rewrote some stuff.

As with all other forum stuff, you will not be able to react to posts while under the influence of a disfavor lower or equal to -2

As always, please report any bugs you encounter regarding this update to me, or simply reply in a comment to this blog post.

That's all for now

- Lynx
"Oh boy"
"who knew the forums needed such overhauls, lesson learned."
"what about a mention function? @Lynx"
"@Picard that is already on my todo list "
"Good work lynx. Would be good if forums were more active to test "
"What what! good job and thank you lynx!"
"Immediately feels intrusive. What happened to the animation from the corner?"
"Still hoping for 1 click attacks"
"We need reaction to forum post"
"It's good to see the e-mailed confirmation at lvl 10 for combat is going "
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Strange Journal
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Shadow Facility
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Phantom Items
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