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Game News posted by Zorg
Monday, January 1st 2018
The new Warfare Map will be 'Shifting Tides' that GAGANB designed in the Suggestions forum. A small tweak from the suggested design is that structures will not become immune to damage when a HQ is next to a blocked tile, only damage from the blast ability will be stopped.

Full details can be found here:

The key mechanic is that HQs will be locked to their positions on the outside of the map but the whole outer map will rotate every hour.
"I hate that mso"
"Nice work, GAGANB. "
"Hey, if it doesn't work, it doesn't work, but one guy took it upon himself to design and Zorg the effort to code it up. Pretty happy regardless."
"Just a suggestion... Make the sentry objective to be controlled by the gang with the least squares. Makes it more fair. Looks like a great map "
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Strange Journal
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Shadow Facility
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Phantom Items
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