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Game News posted by Will
Tuesday, November 28th 2017
There is a new vote up for a little feedback on the Scavenger ability. Be sure to vote. A thread will most likely be created in the Main Forum for a discussion on it.

I would also like to remind everyone of a few things.

1) I am the Lead Volunteer Helper (VH). Meaning any actions that my VH take that you feel are unjust or unwarranted should be reported directly to me via in game messages. Side chat is not the place to air out your grievances against them as that is against the HCS ToS as Staff Harassment and it will be handled as such.

2) Mods and Guides are lead by the Community Admins. In this case, Wolf and Neltharion. Anything that goes on with Mods or Guides goes to Wolf or Neltharion before me. If the person in question feels they were treated unfairly, they can just as easily come to me and ask me to look into something.

3) The conduct on side chat is progressively getting worse. This is due to things not being reported. My VH and myself cannot be on 24/7. That is why all 5 of us have an "open message box" type of policy. We have no problems handling a situation that is deemed inappropriate, whether it be abuse, harassment, or just flat out toxic behavior.

Please keep these things in mind for in the future.
"Those vote options are stupid. Scav does NOTHING for me, if anything it needs a buff, or a complete redesign."
"SC is barely worth having turned on anymore. "Good Fight" is just a way to boast a victory. Those prima donnas flooding sc dont GF when they lose a close one. GFY Larry "
"I agree with TGame it's just a taunt."
"We need more snitches!!"
"I think the gf-thing was about ppl being sick of hearing it from bc. But i agree it went too far"
"Fighting the good fight, Will."
"Save your breath Will just responds to PM concerns about staff with "not my department". The buck doesn't stop but is passed or in this case credits and gear bribes."
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