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Dev News posted by Lynx
Sunday, July 16th 2017
A quick summary on what's coming up for the next patch. Keyword: patch.

This update will not bring anything really exciting, it's more a collection of things I forgot to do in some of my previous updates.

The list includes.
- Pagination on thread subscriptions list (1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Last page)
- G-Code buttons when editing a post.
- Finally giving profile midis the death sentence.

And as always, don't count on having a deadline or ETA for patch..

After that though, I'm planning to give the voting system another minor overhaul, in terms of rewards and limits.

Thank you all, for the great suggestions, and bug reports

Also this guy has holidays, Soooo.. Woo Hoo! --->
"first 123"
"RIP midis gone but nvr 4gotten . Enjoy the holidays!"
"^^ I forget midi's are still a thing all the time "
""Finally giving profile midis the death sentence." DIIEEEEEEEE "
"Yay for voting! "
"ok "
"Are you kiding midis are awesome "
"is it bad i actually feel like mourning midis even though i hadn't listened to em on yr in like yrs?"
"can we upload mp3s or ogg in place of midis "
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