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Game News posted by Aldo
Friday, April 14th 2017
Warfare has been reset (finally, not a prank).

The map layout is fairly straight forward. The new things here are

a) The Radiation Cannon objective. It allows the controlling gang to send a 'Cannon Trigger' item to a fellow gang member, who must then trigger it by doing '/trigger' on the desired square. Once done, a little robotic 'Cannon Beacon' is deployed on the square and starts communicating with the Radiation Cannon objective, transmitting information about its square and the surrounding adjacent squares.

After 2 minutes of deployment, Ranks 14/17/18 can fire the cannon at that square damaging everything at the target square and squares adjacent to it. Target square gets hit for x2 damage.

The cannon can only be used once every 12 hours (from its last fire). The cooldown on the cannon is reduced to 6 hours if it malfunctions instead of firing successfully.

If you choose to abort the mission, instead of firing the cannon, there is a 1 hour cooldown. If you reclaim the trigger before the beacon is deployed, there is a 30 minutes cooldown.

b) The central area, the box bounded by (4,4) -> (12,4) -> (12,12) -> (4,12) on the map (and including the ring of these squares as well), will rotate 90 degrees clockwise every week. This includes all squares, control, guards, buildings, hqs, and players.

The scheduled rotations will be Friday 12:00AM and Tuesday 12:00 AM (as in it will rotate at the start of these days so Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday is one cycle, and the remaining days are a different cycle).

There is a rotation scheduled to open at Saturday 12:00 AM in the code currently, so I'll be disabling that. If I don't get a chance to disable that in the next few hours (when I can usually get code in), then I'll log on myself to reset the rotation when it happens - takes less than a minute

"ok "
"interesting map. game on ladies and gents. may the best gang win "
"the cannon seems over complicated. Why does it not just go off automatically after 2 minutes?"
" "
"dont see the point of the rotation if "everything" is rotated?"
"Very creative. Well done."
"Nice Work. Keeps things on the go "
""This includes all squares. *within this box." "
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