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Game News posted by Will
Wednesday, February 8th 2017
Alright, so after a few delays and many applications, I would like to introduce you to my new team and what they are in charge of.

Wolf - Community Admin
Neltharion - Community Admin
Raiden - Clans Admin
FatTony (Yes, THE FatTony) - Accounts Admin

Now, with a full team, hopefully my workload will lessen and we will be able to cover all aspects of Legacy effeciently as well as hopefully have at least 1 P/S available at all times. This won't always be the case, but we will definitely have more coverage.

So, please try to send all issues pertaining to these departments to these specific individuals. If for whatever reason, you do not agree with how they handle things, then by all means message me with details pertaining to what it is you do not agree with.

Thanks to everyone who applied. Had some really good ones. This was a rather tough decision overall.
"ok "
"Meepers didnt make the cut"
"Must have been hard to pass me up for the others, but I understand. "
"nice team "
"hell froze over, grats fattony "
"A great looking team "
"Congratulations guys! Also congrats to you Will for putting together a good looking bunch "
"yay FT!! "
"woah FT!!! congrats to the new team good to see neltharion back on the team "
"But... Now you gave FT ACTUAL power just kidding, good luck to all of you "
"I miss rollin340 on that list..... "
"Go ft!"
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