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Game News posted by Zorg
Tuesday, January 2nd 2018
Warfare results are listed below.

Warfare: October - December 2017
1: Blade of Dawn: 1,685,000
2: Outcasts: 945,150
3: Dark Flame: 726,020
4: Chapter: 707,540

The new map is making me dizzy. Happy 2018 everyone!
Game News posted by Zorg
Monday, January 1st 2018
The new Warfare Map will be 'Shifting Tides' that GAGANB designed in the Suggestions forum. A small tweak from the suggested design is that structures will not become immune to damage when a HQ is next to a blocked tile, only damage from the blast ability will be stopped.

Full details can be found here:

The key mechanic is that HQs will be locked to their positions on the outside of the map but the whole outer map will rotate every hour.
Game News posted by Zorg
Thursday, December 14th 2017
The platinum sale is now live! There is a 25% bonus on platinum purchases plus the usual Christmas Crackers on larger purchases.

In other news, next year we will be looking at having a member of the Hunted Cow team come and help out with Legacy drama issues. Most likely it will be BigGrim, who some of you will know from Fallen Sword. He will be assisting Will with some of the decision making and helping add an unbiased voice to some of the disputes that happen between players and Voluntary Helpers.

Warfare switch will happen on the morning of January 2nd.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Game News posted by Zorg
Thursday, November 2nd 2017
The Halloween update is now live, courtesy of Bongo and Steven. Full details art listed below.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed broken [H] heal button in wasteland when allies would phase in and out of your square.
- Fixed bugged WL achievements that did not record guard kills and player kills in the wasteland.

- Halloween Event added. Begin by buying the Halloween Sack from the plat store (it is 1 plat, 1 purchase per player) and opening it.
- 4 new Shadow Forge recipes related to Halloween.
- Halloween NPC groups added that drop some goodies and crafting materials for the new recipes.
- Halloween Special NPC added that drops an important crafting material for the new recipes.

Happy Halloween!
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New warfare round has started! - Aldo
Back online with updates! - Zorg
MVP says we should use Twitter more. This is us using twitter more. - Zorg
Guide applications are now open. Check the Main Forum in the Public Forum for details - Will
New blog, go read :) - Scott