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Game News posted by Lynx
Tuesday, April 25th 2017
Just a word a two about an upcoming update to forums.

In this week (hopefully!) we will roll out a, thread rating system, to the forums.
This means that in the forums which have it enabled you'll be able to rate a thread either potive or negative.
Similar to how we currently have a rating system for updates.

However some limitations do apply.
For instance you will not be able to rate a thread negative, before a post in the given thread is made.
Spam-posting just for the sake of voting negative, should in all likelyhood end up in your post(s) being removed by staff, thus negating the vote.
This limitation is in place to minimize the amount of hatred this function could encourage.

Additionally, a thread owner will not be able to rate their own thread.
The point being that, in 9/10 cases the thread owner would always vote positive.
While the accounts whom have rated a thread is sorted chronologically, being able to vote your own thread wouldn't make sense.

Archived & locked threads can of course not be rated.

Ratings will not display for stickied threads, mostly due to the DtD thread. I know, i know.. hate me all you want for this

As a starter this will only be enabled for the "Suggestions" forum, however if this becomes a much liked feature we're able to roll it out to others as well, with the click of a button.

The update is already available for preview on dev.
Any bugs found must be reported to me immediately please

Any opinions, comments, ideas are welcome in PM or in the comments below

- Lynx
Game News posted by Aldo
Friday, April 7th 2017
Some minor updates and a major reveal...

1. Added a sort (by specified types) for Other Items in inventory.

2. Added a search (by item name or type) in inventory that highlights matched items.

3. Order /who for all by gang (TC, DF, BoD, OC).

4. Added an option under Game Settings that allows you to not participate in Phantom Events.

5. Plat Boosts now show up under the Status Effects module and will also give you a Status Effect-type combat log message when they expire. They technically are not true status effects, I sort of hacked them into being recognized as some but yeah. Future plat boosts will be true status effects.

6. This is the big one. I wanted to reveal this last week/April 1st originally but I didn't have much time to get anything really done so here goes, in anticipation of Aldo Fool's: Boons.. read it backwards.. y'all have been conned This was one of the very first things on my mega-list that I've wanted to pull for a long time. It took a lot of restraint to stay mum about it and not reveal that it was just a joke to see how much importance y'all would place on a dumb number that slowly goes up I knew I'd be here for atleast April Fool's so I just had to pull a long con like that

7. Hint regarding a certain new status effect: vvvvvv.

If you see anything finicky with sort/search or anything else, pm Will or myself and we'll look into it for you.

Game News posted by Zorg
Monday, April 3rd 2017
Wasteland is in WTF mode until further notice only this time territory capture is enabled. We're working on the next map, more news will follow. Guess it's been a bit of a crazy week-end for warfare!
Game News posted by Zorg
Wednesday, March 29th 2017
Warfare switch will be delayed 48 hours to Monday morning, due to inevitable April fools shenanigans. Map is undecided as yet, we may do another new one or we may use one of the old ones that we haven't had for a while.
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