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Game News posted by rollin340
Monday, March 19th 2018
Ok folks, a few random updates is here.
Just to be safe, feel free to do a cache refresh.
Below is a list of all the stuff done.

- Subscribed Threads won't show "Page (" when there is only 1 page
- Added a link to redirect to casino home after choosing lottery numbers
- Fixed profile links in SC History
- Added and support for links
- Updated all options pages to match the formating of the first
- Added a note in XP Transfer regarding items needing to not be equipped
- Removed the
bug that happens when quoting an edited post
- Added a search field for market stands
- Added images for Sentry Scouts/Mechs - courtesy of UnicornBob

Mods, you should hear from Wolf regarding a small change for you guys too.

If you come across any bugs or whatnot, do let me know.
 - Updated by Connor

Strange Journal
 - Updated by Connor

Shadow Facility
 - Updated by Connor

Phantom Items
 - Updated by UnicornBob

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