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Game News posted by Will
Wednesday, February 8th 2017
Alright, so after a few delays and many applications, I would like to introduce you to my new team and what they are in charge of.

Wolf - Community Admin
Neltharion - Community Admin
Raiden - Clans Admin
FatTony (Yes, THE FatTony) - Accounts Admin

Now, with a full team, hopefully my workload will lessen and we will be able to cover all aspects of Legacy effeciently as well as hopefully have at least 1 P/S available at all times. This won't always be the case, but we will definitely have more coverage.

So, please try to send all issues pertaining to these departments to these specific individuals. If for whatever reason, you do not agree with how they handle things, then by all means message me with details pertaining to what it is you do not agree with.

Thanks to everyone who applied. Had some really good ones. This was a rather tough decision overall.
Game News posted by Scott
Tuesday, August 16th 2016
Clans are a large part of the community, to make names more available and to reduce the numbers for moderating purposes we're introducing new guidance and some new rules soon. Clans that have been inactive for 3+ years will be closed.

Clans that qualify for the closure scheme will have a mass message sent and a thread created so any appeal can be lodged, in case another member can take over if the leader is inactive. Or the leader must lay out why it shouldn't be closed.

All clans are under this, only exception are staff clans and gang clans. To avoid a stress riot I can easily explain that this targets those that are completely dead, those that have a post once every 6 months are fine, those that have 1 post a year are still fine.

Aim is to reduce numbers, free up name space and hopefully make it easier for moderation purposes.
Game News posted by Scott
Thursday, February 20th 2014
Not typed one of these for a while so I thought I should update you on what I'm doing at the moment and some staff related updates that are going to be done in the next month or so.

The Filter for Legacy will be re-designed we're currently merging a system HCS built and are removing and adding words for its release. If you know of any words that should be added you should contact a member of the Chamber of Elders or if need be make a ticket and I will take it into account. We are taking a stance of material posted on Side Chat and the stance is it is a place for discussion for ALL ages, most of the drug related talk and the discussions of a sexual nature will be prohibited with this new filter both in warfare and Side Chat. For those mature users you have access to the Flame Forum that we will be tweeking and renaming to the Mature Forum.

The drug discussions are fine, just not on Legacy. We're not arguing right or wrong, we are taking the stance of no related material will be posted, it is your choice to engage in that activity and it is ours to block it from our sites.

Another Update on the books, or discussion at least is Legacy Punishment systems, disfavors and favors are going to be reviewed by the Elders and chances are they're going to change to allow longer muting and reward those who have favor. The current system is and I will admit, not working and disfavors aren't frowned upon.

Finally a notice following the new item upgrades and a rise in reports of Farming, we take it very seriously and we will remove anything you gain from doing it. If you're a gang leader allowing or doing it we will also remove your gang position. Warfare is exactly what it is named.. Warfare, it is not pass the parcel for squares or an agreement to attack X amount of guards as long as another gang can attack X amount of our guards. Any reports will be investigated fully and participants punished.

Now... go forth and have fun, enough of the depressing blog of doom!
Game News posted by Zorg
Friday, November 25th 2011
Good news, I've got a big update coming. Bad news, the only thing you'll notice is the things it breaks. Basically changing the way the dev and main work to support multiple developers and running Legacy locally. Will make future updates faster and much more stable but for now, please report anything that breaks in the next few hours by messaging me directly!
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