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Game News posted by Will
Thursday, July 6th 2017
Just a quick reminder to everyone because myself and my Community Admins have grown weary of fixing this. Swearing in the forums is not allowed. Just because you are able to disable the filter for Side Chat does not mean that those rules do not apply to the forums.

If you absolutely must swear, then star it out yourself.
Game News posted by Will
Tuesday, April 18th 2017
Been a while since I've done one of these, but there are a few things I wish to cover and make clear.

First off, the Guide applications have not been forgotten about. Wolf is still dealing with a few real world things and Neltharion wants to go over everything with him before going any further. So if you wanted to apply but forgot, you still have a chance.

Next, though Aldo is currently inactive, if you happen to come across an issue with the Wasteland map, be sure to message him about it. If his inbox is full, then you can message me or another VH member and we will relay it to him as soon as we are able to.

The Wiki is still in need of updates and new pages added. This is slowly coming together as to what is needed. If you see something you feel comfortable with editing yourself, feel free to do so. Myself or one of the SysOps will check it out when we get the chance.

I also feel I need to point this out once again. If there is something that happens that you feel should be looked at, i.e. bug abuse, player abuse, player harassment, spamming the forums, whatever, then please use the ticket system to report it. This not only informs us that something happened, but lets us keep the ticket as a record of it happening so we can reference it down the road if needed. It's incredibly frustrating to hear about "all the abuse that goes on around Legacy" and yet never hear about it. Like I said when I hired the rest of my team: even with all of us, we cannot be around 24/7 to catch everything as it happens. And I do not expect any of them to go through hours upon days of logs to try and find each and every tiny little discrepency that goes on.

Also, a general reminder, if you feel for whatever reason a VH is out of line with their action, then message me with what happened and I will look into it once I am able to.

And don't forget about Aldo's WL discussion thread in the Main Forum to give your input on how you feel about the current map
Game News posted by Will
Tuesday, January 3rd 2017
So quite a few things have happened and quite a few concerns have come up. Which is understandable. So lets go through the list shall we?

-Yes, Scott is no longer with us for reasons listed in an earlier blog made by Zorg. Details on what happened and who was involved is not going to be divulged no matter how many times it is asked.

-Yes, I am now the Lead Volunteer Helper (VH) and yet do not have a yellow name and am still a player. I was setup as a player staff before and that is as far as it went. I am currently working with Zorg to sort that out or change how it works entirely.

-As Lead VH with only Wolf as my other VH member, that means only 1 gang has a Staff Rep officially. Meaning until as such time that there are other VH members to fill the spots, I have to be the Staff Rep for the other three gangs. Why is this a problem? Well in short this means I have access to all the forums when needed. Which leads into my next point.

-I am currently a member of the Black Hand (Rank 17) for Dark Flame. This puts up two conflicts of interest as a player being a VH. And unfortunately all I can do is let you guys know that I have no interest or desire to browse through your forums for your plans or anything going on within your gang. I am only interested in the gang I am currently affiliated with.

If the above point is cause for great concern, then I will in time remove myself from that position to allow someone else to take up that spot.

-I intend on hiring at the absolute minimum 2 more VH members. This will occur after I have worked out a couple of details with Zorg.

I realize there are a lot of concerns with how I am setup currently and how things are being run. And no matter what I say there are going to be a few people who are always going to be concerned. And unfortunately all I can tell you guys is to relax, buckle up, and try to enjoy the ride.
Game News posted by Scott
Saturday, July 9th 2016
Today we started a huge backhaul of cleaning of the forums, no data was deleted. To avoid removing parts of the games history we've combed through the forums to remove any issues with the search function. With that we also got rid of the lovely language this community has. If you did it within the past 3 months you got a cuddly toy disfavor for yourselves. If you've got mod messages ignore them.

Forums aren't a place for that kinda language and we've done a major overhaul of historic posts that where left unmodded. We will be putting the forums back up soon!
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