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Game News posted by Aldo
Friday, June 22nd 2018
The Hive Radio is back thanks to the efforts of MattG2 and Zach! They've been planning on doing these podcasts for a while now and I'm very excited that they're being done and now have a dedicated listing within Legacy too with the new Hive Radio page.

Find it under the Community tab or add it as a quick link and check out their podcasts, including the latest Episode #2!

Have a great Friday!
Game News posted by Lynx
Tuesday, June 19th 2018
MattG2 and Connor will be hosting an event in the chat channels july 6th, 5PM EST
Because they have yet to find a fitting name we'll call it the hours of:

"A bit of awesome hour, a bit of a Q&A devs, Aldo & Lynx will come along hour"

Staff will be messaging gang leaders and ask you to go over the practical details, if they haven't done so already.

For this purpose I will be ninja'ing (Is that even a word?) an update to the chat channels, so it can support commands.
(It's already on dev for those who want to check it out).
However most of them are staff only, but there is also the ever-so-classic /me command

And before you ask "Can I use /whisper ?"
No. not yet. I've run out of spare development time before the event date.
However I do have plans in mind to fit such a thing in.
Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, June 18th 2018
Did you miss me?

I think the tags say it all.

Hello World.

Good to be back

Stay tuned for an informational podcast coming soon!
Game News posted by rollin340
Wednesday, June 13th 2018
Oh, also, if you have changed your options at all in the past few days, you might notice that the (!) notifications were turned off.

You can turn them back on now.
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