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Game News posted by rollin340
Wednesday, April 18th 2018
A quick update for all players.
WLs chat is now logged.

If you want to report harassment in the WLs, but give no timing as to when it occurred, don't expect Staff to pour through all of the logs.
At the very least, have a key word or phrase used against you.

Staff won't be accessing these logs unless there is complaint of player harassment, or any if other need arises.
Game News posted by Lynx
Wednesday, April 11th 2018
Hey folks.

A quick recap of what I've done so far for my next update, most of it is just minor bugfixes which the majority of you may not even have known about yet.

- The term "money" in job end-screen has been replaced by "credits"
- Once the last post by a user has been deleted in a thread, all negative votes by that user should now be properly negated.
- The maxlength attribute of the title field when previewing a new post have been upped from 15 to 24.
- Added developer to sidechat history descriptions. (Those should also now align with the bottom isntead of having some wierd whitespace in some browsers.)
- :3 Has been re-added as a smiley to the game.
- The "Work again" addition to job centre and observatory as discussed in suggestions forum.
- Pay Cheque Design has been modified slightly.
- Moderators can move threads in public forums to another public forum.
- Thread moderation tasks will now also appear at the bottom of each thread.

Do note, that the minor addition to work centre is not yet 100% discussed or done, and the ideas in the suggestions forum may change, impacting the final implementation.

So please feel free to head into suggestions forum and post your ideas & feedback.

I'm having a holiday ttip to London next week, (Woohooo.) So this update will not be going live before approximately end of April or start of March.

- Lynx
Game News posted by Zorg
Tuesday, April 3rd 2018
Scores for the last period of Warfare are listed below. In addition to this I have fixed the midnight lag.

The cause was the lack of indexes of the dev item database. The midnight tick ran fine on the live game, but on dev queries that update tokens have to repeatedly search the item database for casino cards. These queries were taking upward of 20 seconds to complete due to the lack of indexing and the MySQL database was devoting all of it's CPU usage.

This should also fix a lot of the lag on dev when viewing the market and other item related pages.

Warfare: January - March 2018
1: Blade of Dawn: 3,142,490
2: Outcasts: 976,460
3: Dark Flame: 544,820
4: Chapter: 351,780

Sorry for the delay in switching over Warfare, I'm blaming Easter Holidays and such.
Game News posted by rollin340
Monday, March 19th 2018
Ok folks, a few random updates is here.
Just to be safe, feel free to do a cache refresh.
Below is a list of all the stuff done.

- Subscribed Threads won't show "Page (" when there is only 1 page
- Added a link to redirect to casino home after choosing lottery numbers
- Fixed profile links in SC History
- Added and support for links
- Updated all options pages to match the formating of the first
- Added a note in XP Transfer regarding items needing to not be equipped
- Removed the
bug that happens when quoting an edited post
- Added a search field for market stands
- Added images for Sentry Scouts/Mechs - courtesy of UnicornBob

Mods, you should hear from Wolf regarding a small change for you guys too.

If you come across any bugs or whatnot, do let me know.
Crystal System
 - Updated by Connor

Staff Favor
 - Updated by Connor

Wasteland Cycle 2018
 - Updated by Connor

Crystal System
 - Updated by DarkFlame

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