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Game News posted by Zorg
Wednesday, November 1st 2017
Apparently there is a Halloween update I have neglected to push live, apologies for this. I'll push it live as soon as Bongo gets online.

While Steven would like you all to believe that I'm ignoring everyone, I am not. I missed a single message on our Slack channel from Bongo on the 26th. I'm not sure why it didn't pop up a notification. As far as I'm aware there have been no other attempts to contact me, I don't even have a message in game about this.

I last spoke to Bongo on the 15th after helping him get everything setup on the 3rd. Most updates pushed by voluntary developers go up in under 24 hours when I'm made aware of them. I'll be working with Bongo to setup better lines of communication for the future.
Game News posted by Zorg
Tuesday, October 3rd 2017
Results for the last 3 month warfare period are shown below.

Warfare: July - September 2017
1: Outcasts: 2,964,760
2: Chapter: 966,830
3: Dark Flame: 908,850
4: Blade of Dawn: 402,270

I'd also like to take this opportunity to welcome Bongo to the Voluntary Developer team. He's getting things setup now and should be working on some things soon!
Game News posted by Zorg
Sunday, October 1st 2017
Warfare switch will happen tomorrow morning at midnight server-time (19 hours time). Apologies for the delay.
Game News posted by Lynx
Wednesday, August 23rd 2017
Increased mail storage is happening !

You read that right, my next update will include a new platinum item, under the "changes" category which will allow you to buy additional 10 slots for 1k plat.
Though due to browser limitations, and server resource management, there's a purchage limit of 5 in place.
"Mail Storage" will like the other items in the same category, be giftable, and "codeable"

Additionally, a considerable amount of people have requested "textural signatures" as a feature, which basically is another setting under "Forum Signature".
In short: A small snippet of text to append to the textarea when writing a forum post or PM.

That said though, this is not intended to be your "Forum Signature V2", hence why strict regulations are in place.
- You can't have more than 30 characters
- No more than 3 lines
- G-Code will be stripped
- Staff can (and probably will do) remove textural signatures if they're offensive or abused.

It is intended for staff, guides, and other people who just want their name at the bottom of every single post/pm.

Last but not least, a quick javascript confirmation message will be added to the "Delete all" button in your inboxes.
So don't expect it to work if you have javascript disabled in your browser..

- Lynx
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