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Game News posted by Zorg
Friday, June 30th 2017
Warfare switch will happen tonight at midnight server-time as normal. I'll be switching back to one of the old maps for a few months as I have a few holidays incoming and don't want stuff exploding while I'm away.
Dev News posted by Lynx
Thursday, June 22nd 2017

Just a quick summary on what's going on from my side.

I may have previously mentioned i had an upcoming move, and that happened this week.
And because of that my development schedule has been severely delayed, according to what I was planning to do when.

That said I haven't been slacking complately though, the next update I'll be releasing is an almost completely redesigned clan bank.
Along ┬┤with a bunch of typos/rephrases in the area of clans.

To give you all a small teaser follow this link:

I have no deadline or exact date for when this is going to be released, but ETA will be within the next 14 days.

And as always i'm open to feedback or suggestions, regarding this update, but please let me know ASAP if you have any additions to this.

So watch out

- Lynx
Game News posted by Aldo
Tuesday, June 20th 2017
This update brings with it a simplification to the Targeting Module, Crystal Splitting in the S.Facility, and Quick Heal links [H] in the WL, among a few other things.

1. The Targeting Module no longer consumes a trade upon using it. Instead, it only consumes power once you choose a type of scan to perform (the way it should've been from the start lol- I was just lazy initially).

2. There is a new template module that will show up on the left when a new blog is posted (it's not real-time at the moment but it will serve its purpose for those who miss the combat log notification). Might make it more concise or might leave it as it is, but yeah share feedback about it~

3. [A] switched to [H] for same gang members in WL. This was mildly annoying to do but could definitely use more live testing so please pm me if you find anything that needs attention here.

4. Crystal Splitting added under the Shadow Facility. Temper has been taken out until I figure out how I want it to work, if at all, within the next 2-3 days. Please see the Crystal Splitting tab under the Shadow Facility for more information. tl;dr - you can split a crystal like so: 1t Perfect = 1t Giant + 1t Large. If you play a certain amount of plat (1920p in this case), you can get 2x Giants.

5. Quick links to Item XP Transfer and Crystal Splitting added - they're just very mild lazy/convenience links that automatically open up the tab for you within the facility.

PM with any bugs, drop suggestions in the suggestions forum..etc.

I'm only actively coding for the next few days while I travel so take advantage of me while I'm here


Game News posted by Lynx
Tuesday, May 23rd 2017
As stated per my thread in main forums, the next update will include hotkeys and buttons for easier inserting gcode tags when writing posts, pm's and other places where a textarea might occur such at libraries, and/or gang news
I've posted a few, screenshots in the thread showing how this update will work, keep in mind though the design have changed a bit since posting that.

The G-Code documentation page will get a facelift to include the specifications for the hotkeys as well.
For those who only want the hotkeys and not the buttons, there will be an option under "Game Settings" to turn them off.

Also thanks to a multitude of great suggestions and feedback this update will include the following fixes:
- Links in sidechat will be clickable
- Logo in top left will link to main page
- "Vote for Legacy" 600 point reward will be changed to 500

Unfortunately at this time i cannot say any deadline when this update will go into production.
But ETA is within the next 10 days.

Keep those suggestions rolling folks
While I may not respond to all of you, I'll definetily attempt to see if it can be achieved and put onto the todo.

- Lynx
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