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Game News posted by Aldo
Friday, April 14th 2017
Warfare has been reset (finally, not a prank).

The map layout is fairly straight forward. The new things here are

a) The Radiation Cannon objective. It allows the controlling gang to send a 'Cannon Trigger' item to a fellow gang member, who must then trigger it by doing '/trigger' on the desired square. Once done, a little robotic 'Cannon Beacon' is deployed on the square and starts communicating with the Radiation Cannon objective, transmitting information about its square and the surrounding adjacent squares.

After 2 minutes of deployment, Ranks 14/17/18 can fire the cannon at that square damaging everything at the target square and squares adjacent to it. Target square gets hit for x2 damage.

The cannon can only be used once every 12 hours (from its last fire). The cooldown on the cannon is reduced to 6 hours if it malfunctions instead of firing successfully.

If you choose to abort the mission, instead of firing the cannon, there is a 1 hour cooldown. If you reclaim the trigger before the beacon is deployed, there is a 30 minutes cooldown.

b) The central area, the box bounded by (4,4) -> (12,4) -> (12,12) -> (4,12) on the map (and including the ring of these squares as well), will rotate 90 degrees clockwise every week. This includes all squares, control, guards, buildings, hqs, and players.

The scheduled rotations will be Friday 12:00AM and Tuesday 12:00 AM (as in it will rotate at the start of these days so Friday/Saturday/Sunday/Monday is one cycle, and the remaining days are a different cycle).

There is a rotation scheduled to open at Saturday 12:00 AM in the code currently, so I'll be disabling that. If I don't get a chance to disable that in the next few hours (when I can usually get code in), then I'll log on myself to reset the rotation when it happens - takes less than a minute

Game News posted by Aldo
Wednesday, April 12th 2017
Warfare will not reset tonight as originally planned based on a recent game vote spurred by some people suggesting pushing the reset by a day or to the next week in order to better prepare, test the new layout/objective (or because of Easter as said by a few).

The vote ended with 40 people voting in favor of a postponement, with 25 people voting to have it on Monday 12:00 AM and 15 people voting for Friday 12:00 AM. In comparison, 38 people voted for a "No - I'm fine with whatever goes up on Thursday 12:00AM".

I'll be talking to Zorg later when I get a chance to ask him about his availability (although I think I can perform the reset myself with some of the tools I've made in the game now - just need to know how to setup point tracking for a true reset) for these days. I'm personally in favor of running the reset Friday 12:00 AM as a significant amount of people did vote for the 'No' option, even if not the majority so I'd rather not see this pushed too far ahead.

Share your thoughts below (if you think we need a game vote now to truly decide the reset time, or when you think it should be, or whatever).


Game News posted by Aldo
Monday, April 10th 2017
The next map will go into testing in ~15 minutes. Before you read further, please note: this map will be in 'testing mode' or a kind of WTF mode until Thursday for a true reset for which everyone is prepared and will be guaranteed to happen at midnight (Thursday 12:00 AM EST).

When you first see it, you might think it's bare bones or too simple and it just might be, so we're looking for your feedback too! We're trying a few new things in this map that hasn't been done before and required some more thinking/working out technically and generally. There is also some setup regarding the map itself that I'd like to iron out further but what we're looking for here is your feedback as you use the 3 old objectives or the 1 new one and experience the new map.

So right now what we have (new) is:

1. Radiation Cannon - Controlling gang can send a "Cannon Trigger" item to someone they trust from this objective. This person has to take this trigger and go to any spot in WL as commanded by gang leadership and use /trigger in order to deploy a Cannon Beacon.

Once the beacon is placed, gang leadership can access the Radiation Cannon objective to see what (NPCs, Players, Structures, Max Gang Control) are on the square and on the immediately adjacent squares. They have the option to Fire or Abort as long as the beacon is active. Enemy gang members can attack/tear down the beacon to prevent the Cannon from being fired. Each of those 4 things I mentioned will be affected if the cannon successfully fires. Additionally, affected players gain 5 or 10 points of exposure. Anything/anyone on the center/ground 0 square gains double the impact of whatever happens on the surrounding adjacent squares (Think a PLUS/+ sign as the area of impact).

(Note: In the true map, we would place a 3 minute countdown from the time of deployment of the beacon till before the FIRE button is enabled in the objective - this will come in shortly).

2. The central area with the objectives in a sort of square-line rotates weekly, clockwise. There's no way to control it - it's a map mechanic. Apparently those weird hive structures have something to do with it but we can't do anything about it. What does this mean? Everything and everyone on those squares (bounded by and included the ring with the objectives) will rotate clockwise when this happens. It's set to happy Saturday 12:00AM EST weekly but I'll trigger it sooner this week so we can test that out as well.

Beyond that, we have the objectives that you can see. Please share your feedback, suggest things, suggest uses of different things/mechanics and let's work to make this a fantastic and wild WILD round for Warfare

Game News posted by Aldo
Friday, April 7th 2017
Some minor updates and a major reveal...

1. Added a sort (by specified types) for Other Items in inventory.

2. Added a search (by item name or type) in inventory that highlights matched items.

3. Order /who for all by gang (TC, DF, BoD, OC).

4. Added an option under Game Settings that allows you to not participate in Phantom Events.

5. Plat Boosts now show up under the Status Effects module and will also give you a Status Effect-type combat log message when they expire. They technically are not true status effects, I sort of hacked them into being recognized as some but yeah. Future plat boosts will be true status effects.

6. This is the big one. I wanted to reveal this last week/April 1st originally but I didn't have much time to get anything really done so here goes, in anticipation of Aldo Fool's: Boons.. read it backwards.. y'all have been conned This was one of the very first things on my mega-list that I've wanted to pull for a long time. It took a lot of restraint to stay mum about it and not reveal that it was just a joke to see how much importance y'all would place on a dumb number that slowly goes up I knew I'd be here for atleast April Fool's so I just had to pull a long con like that

7. Hint regarding a certain new status effect: vvvvvv.

If you see anything finicky with sort/search or anything else, pm Will or myself and we'll look into it for you.

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